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Jinyun County Shengda Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of radiators. The company covers an area of 36,500 square meters, has fixed assets of more than 120 million yuan, more than 120 employees, and more than 50 technical personnel. It is a series of aluminum alloy castings that integrates research and development, manufacturing and marketing and has self-support import and export rights. The supplier of products, the company mainly produces heating radiators, auto and motorcycle accessories, canopy brackets, carved aluminum door accessories and other products.


Our Products


  • Home Safety, Surface Absolute Low Temperature

    Unique built-in waterway design, its surface is secondary heat dissipation, low temperature. Better protection for the elderly and children at home.

  • Fashion appearance, more fluent heat dissipation

    Unique streamlined design, in line with the aerodynamic optimization concept, strengthen air convection, perfect interpretation of convective heat dissipation, large...

  • Module combination, easy and fast adjustment

    The internal connection method can meet the heating needs of different groups of people, and can easily increase or decrease the number of pieces per group to adjust the heat dissipation.

  • Large heat dissipation, high efficiency, affordable and comfortable

    Unique conduction, side rib convection, radiation heat transfer design, improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, in the same case of heat dissipation...

  • European design, elegant atmosphere

    Advanced spraying technology, solid and delicate coating, smooth and not easy to accumulate dust, healthy and aseptic breeding. Elegant style is the most advanced today...

  • Low thermal inertia and rapid heating

    It is especially suitable for intermittent heating in new heating areas. Adding temperature control valves can greatly save heat energy consumption.

  • Structural optimization, natural convection of heating

    Unique super-wide vane wind guide structure technology enables hot and cold air to form natural circulation convection and increase comfort.

  • Lightweight, weight reduction, lower installation grade

    Scientific and reasonable lightweight design, reduce the weight of the body while increasing the heat dissipation, more convenient installation, while reducing the bearing capacity of the wall...

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No. 7 Xinzhong Road, Jinyun Industrial Zone, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province


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