How to improve the corrosion resistance of steel corrosion-resistant radiators?

Time:2019-01-02 03:59:25

Steel corrosion-resistant radiator has strong decoration, simple shape and flexible installation. It is a new type of energy-saving radiator with high quality cold-rolled carbon steel plate as raw material. Small size radiator, without additional heating hood, can minimize indoor occupancy space, which is widely used in northern China. Although the steel radiator itself has anti-corrosion, but how should we further improve its corrosion resistance and extend its service life?

1. Master the raw materials of steel corrosion-resistant radiator

1. Grasp the quality of raw materials. At present, there are many factories producing radiators with mixed varieties, and there is no specialized personnel to carry out raw material testing. The performance of steel is not well understood, so problems are easy to occur in the production process. From the current steel market in China, the quality of steel produced by Baosteel is relatively stable. 08AL and ST14 are the best materials because of their low carbon content and good stamping resistance.

2. Tool design is scientific and process quality inspection is strict. Although the shape of steel corrosion-resistant radiator is varied, the design must satisfy the conditions of stable thermal performance, uniform stamping and convenient tooling.

3. Study the excellent equipment and technology in production. The manufacturer should select the best combination tooling procedure according to the specific situation, regularly check and repair the main production equipment, and carry out accuracy testing.

II. Improving Heating Water Quality

As far as China's current situation is concerned, water quality pollution is relatively serious, and the management and technical level can not adapt to and meet the advanced requirements of deoxidization and softening technology. At present, the oxygen content in many heating water is much higher than the standard, which reduces the corrosion resistance of radiators. If the water quality can be effectively improved, it is of great significance to improve the corrosion resistance of radiators and prolong the life of radiators. 3. Specific Measures to Improve Corrosion Resistance

1. In the design of heating system, it is necessary to avoid the connection with oxygen as much as possible and to close as possible, including the position of exhaust cock and the closure of circulating pump. The low pressure should also be avoided when the equipment is running, so that unnecessary water loss can be avoided.

2. Deoxygenation should be carried out when water is added.

3. Corrosion inhibitors should be added to heating water.

4. When stopping heating, the radiator should be maintained by dry method or full of deoxidized water.

5. If the radiator is newly installed for pressure test, the water pressure test medium should be water-soluble, non-toxic and rust-proof agent.

Steel radiator originated in Europe, thin, diverse in shape, rich in color, to adapt to different colors of home decoration style, good cost performance makes it stable in the top of the new household heater and market influence. Generally speaking, steel corrosion-resistant radiators have no problem in 20 years or so, and the corrosion-resistant methods we provide today hope to let the radiators stay at home with you longer.

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